Gregg Chappell might have left his post as the coach of the Indian Cricket Team almost 5 years back now after the debacle of a first round exit 2007 World Cup but it seems that he still holds a grudge against anything and everything about Indian cricket, blasting the attitude of the team towards Test cricket in a recent interview.

The former Indian Cricket Team coach said that the Indians hardly seemed interested in playing Test cricket during their recently concluded Tour of Australia, further commenting that Test cricket is extremely hard for Indians, especially when it is played on foreign soil.

Speaking at a promotional for his book, the former Australian cricketer let his heart out in the interactive questions and answers session, most of which was spent blasting away at the Indian Cricket Team.

When asked about the Indian team’s disinterest in Tests and how it would affect the longer version of the game overall considering that the BCCI controlled almost everything in cricket, Chappell was quick to point out that he had noticed their disinterest in Tests when he was the coach of the side.

He pointed out that his time in the Indian team’s dressing room taught him a few valuable lessons: they are only interested in making money playing in the 20 over matches and even in One Day Internationals, they more or less manage to put up with it instead of excelling in it.

Sadly it looks as though test creicket is on its way out, with the latest cricket odds offering over 50/1 that the game will still be being played at the highest level in 10 years time.

Chappell also noted that Test cricket is difficult for not only India, but for almost all the teams of the subcontinent who struggle when they have to play in bouncy wickets outside their own comfort zone, making it a tough task for them and as a result, Test cricket is suffering.


The very mention of their name might send a chill a chill down the spine of almost everyone living in and around Afghanistan, but in a recent news that shocked almost everyone in the region, the Taliban called up the Afghanistan Cricket Board to convey a message to the Afghanistan Cricket Team ahead of their scheduled One Day International match against neighbors Pakistan at Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

The message that was sent to the Cricket Board by the Taliban was conveyed by their spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid and once this news spread; there was widespread disbelief at this gesture by the terrorist organization.

The One Day International match against Pakistan was the first time that the Afghanistan Cricket Team played against a team that had the status of playing in Test cricket and they expectedly lost the match by a massive seven wickets in the end, but that was not before they had won several hearts through a gritty display of determination and winning mentality.

According to the Chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, everyone is taking immense interest in the development of cricket in Afghanistan. Even the President of the country manages to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule to watch a cricket match when the team is in action and with the latest development, it can only spell good news for the game in the country as a whole.

The Board Chairman also added that over the last decade, the country has been riddled with many problems and people have to bear with all the troubles that come their way without complaining. Cricket is a sport that allows these people to derive some joy and with the performances of the Afghanistan Cricket Team, these people are hoping for a better tomorrow thorough the game.