The Afghanistan cricket team has made it to the main draw of the World Cup 2015. They did that by securing a fantastic victory over Kenya a few days back.

This achievement of the Afghan team has given a lot of joy to the whole nation. People are extremely happy and a lot of them had gathered at the airport to give their heroes a warm reception when they returned back home on Saturday.

Not only the Afghan people, the members of the Afghan team are pretty happy too and why shouldn’t they be? They have earned a place in the main draw after playing some fantastic cricket and they deserve to be given a lot of credit and respect.

The Afghan skipper Mohammad Nabi talked to the reporters after arriving home and he was looking overwhelmed with the kind of reception that he got. He was probably not expecting it.

Nabi said, “I am the happiest and the proudest person in the world at the moment. It’s a huge achievement for the whole country and I congratulate everyone.”

“We have shown that we have got a lot of cricketing potential and I am sure many more big wins will come in the future.”

When asked how big that game against Kenya was for him, Nabi said, “I would say it was the biggest match of my career. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I scored those winning runs. I was over the moon.”

The coach of the Afghan team, Kabir Khan, was also looking very happy during that press conference. He said, “We want to change people’s thinking about Afghanistan. We are willing to show them that Afghanistan is not about negative things only and this win will help us in that.”