The coach of the Afghanistan cricket team, Kabir Khan, doesn’t think that his team is ready to be given the test status.

Afghanistan has performed pretty well in the limited overs matches that they have played of late and the cricket pundits have started wondering if the time has come for them to play the longest form of the game. Some think yes it’s the right time, but, the others think that it might be too early. Kabir falls in that second category.

When asked if he thinks that his team is good enough to start playing test match cricket, Kabir said, “No, I don’t think so. To be ready for test cricket, you need to have a first class set up which we don’t have at the moment. If we are given test status now, I don’t think we would manage to give the top sides a fight. We would look like Bangladesh.”

When asked about Afghanistan’s quality performances in the shorter forms of the game recently, Kabir said, “I am very proud of the way the boys have been performing of late. We have achieved a lot of success this year and that’s because we have played as a unit. We need to keep doing that.”

When asked in which areas he thinks Afghanistan has improved significantly under his guidance, Kabir said, “I think the fielding has improved a lot. We have got some terrific fielders who don’t hesitate in putting their bodies in line.”

“The second thing that has improved is our batting against the spinners. We are handling the spin bowling much better now.”

Kabir Khan had been appointed as the coach of the Afghanistan national cricket team for the second time towards the end of 2011.