Jimmy Anderson believes that the condition of play suited Virat Kohli and that if it was in England, he would have ended up as a flop.

Anderson’s slight dig at the cricketer came at a period where the Indian captain was enjoying the time of his career, having made the headlines due to leading his team to victory and his astounding play.

Anderson is of the belief that the Indian tracks was of much help to Kohli as it lacked both pace and movement, which ensures that any technical glitches on the side of the Indian are hidden.

During the series in England back in 2014, Anderson dismissed Kohli thrice, where the batsman was repeatedly nicking away going deliveries outside the off-stump.
However, this series has seen Kohli punish England the most with no less than 700 runs. And when asked if there has been any changes in Kohli’s techniques, the answer given by Anderson wasn’t a very charitable one.

“I am not sure if he (Kohli) has changed. I just think any technical deficiencies he has got are not in play out here. The wickets just take that out of the equation. There is not that pace in the wicket to get the nicks, like we did against him in England – with a bit more movement,” he said.

The highest ever wicket taker for England in Test matches did not hide his feelings about Kohli’s technique on the day he scored a career-best 235 as he said,

“When that (pace and movement) is not there, he (Kohli) is very much suited to playing in these conditions. He is a very good player of spin – and if you are not bang on the money and don’t take your chances, he will punish you,”