Darren Sammy Ready to Return for Nation Cricket

Darren Sammy may be considered more as a T20 freelancer these days, but, he insists that he is ready to serve his motherland in white ball Cricket any time.

Sammy is probably the only international skipper who was dished out the sack by his board after winning one of the ICC majors and that too not because of any Cricketing reason, but, because of the speech that he had delivered in the aftermath of the title win as that speech was aimed against the board, but, the St. Lucia strongman took the sack in his stride without complaining and has been featuring for overseas franchises in the T20 tournaments since then, the latest of which was the Hong Kong league.

However, now he hopes that with the change of faces right at the top of the hierarchy in Caribbean Cricket, smart decisions will be made and the motive of the decision making will be the benefit of the national team.
Sammy hints that there have been some administrators in the recent years who have given their own agendas more importance that the interest of the team and that’s why West Indies has been deprived of the services of many of its Premier Cricketers for past some time and has slumped to its worst ranking position ever in the two white ball formats of the game.

Jimmy Adams is now the head of all the decision making at the Cricketing level in the Caribbean board and Sammy, having had a chat with him recently, reckons that he has come with some great ideas and so has the new coach Stuart Law, but, for both of them to be able to implement those ideas, there will be help needed from the top. So, it’s important that they get that help.