Eden Gardens where the ball was doing all sorts

Sri Lanka losing a test match in India is hardly a surprise. India has been on an absolute annihilation spree in their home conditions in the last one and a half years and much more settled and solid test teams than Sri Lanka have found it hard to topple India on Indian pitches. Sri Lanka was always going to be the underdogs coming into the series, but what was surprising in the Nagpur test match which the Sri Lankans lost  by an innings was the lack of spine that they showed.

It was not a pitch like Eden Gardens where the ball was doing all sorts of things. It was a much better and easier surface. Even though it also had a bit of green tinge to it, it was not too quick, neither it had too much of seam movement. There was not a huge amount of turn for the spin bowlers either.

And India actually showed that the track was full of runs as four of their batsmen got hundreds out of which one converted his hundred into a double hundred and they declared their innings at a score of over 600 in the first innings securing a lead of more than 400 runs over the visitors.

But Sri Lanka when they came out to bat in the second innings batted as if the pitch was a minefield. They just didn’t show any trust in their defence and were looking to whack everything out of the park as if that was the only way of surviving. It was such a poor approach as the pitch was still decent enough to bat and they could have shown some application to try and get as many as they could and possibly avoid the innings defeat, but how they went about their business was pathetic and would have been utterly frustrating for their fans.

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